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Are all the paper and essay writing services the same? No, we are different! We make it easy, so you do not have to slave and get upset when it comes to preparing a flawless thesis, paper or dissertation. Let us show you the way.
  • You provide us with the final draft of your paper along with the document formatting guidelines as prescribed by your institute or university.
  • We employ one of our formatting pros to your assignment. Our team holds the knowledge of specific writing styles demanded by your University including APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, Harvard or many more. We have the expertise that will save your time and the stress of the situation you may be in.
  • From reference and citation formatting to the wide-scoped layout formatting, we isolate each section of the document to resolve every issue.
  • With guaranteed satisfaction and delivery within the specified deadline, we endeavor to make a submission ready copy to ensure the best grades.

Writing about a brilliant idea is not enough, the correct format and linguistic accuracy is also essential when you expect a high grade for your research.

So take a wise decision and choose experts to guide you towards the right direction.
The outline of our academicdocument or journal paper formatting services touches upon the following key elements:
  • References or Citation formatting to correct numerical or parenthetical references, in-text citation and external reference list.
  • Alignment and formatting of captions, footnotes and endnotes
  • Layout formatting which covers each section of your thesis or dissertation including:-
  1. Title page
  2. Paragraph placement
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Levels of Heading and Indentation
  5. Pagination and margins
  6. Tables and Illustrations
Academic Document Formatting Services

A typical academic paper has a distinct structure to it. It starts with a cover page. The cover page has the title of the paper and the author details name, subject, class and date. This is often indented on and aligned to the left hand side of the paper for ease of the reader. The entire paper has its pages numbered on the left hand corner or bottom center including the cover page as page one. The length and number of words needed in the paper are specified by your supervisors and should be adhered to.

These were just some points, shared by our docformatting team, on beginning an academic document. By the time, you would have understood how crucial decisions are based on basic formatting rules. But, facing a rejection simply because of these guidelines seems a truly unfair job. Although, you can’t change the rules, you must alter your academic document.

How would you do that?

There are many document formatting guidelines available online for free that are based on the commonly adopted writing and formatting styles, like Chicago, MLA, APA, etc. but how are you sure that they have been drafted correctly. A better alternative is to get a review on your document by experts, who have prior experience and better understanding. At, we put in all our learned expertise and knowledge towards giving you a clear acceptance by the committee.

Send in your document with a detailed list of formatting rules as suggested by your University or Institute through a simple email at With fastest possible turnaround time, one of our experts revert your email for further discussions. We are not just some learned professionals, but are also verse with technical software usage for better, easy and quick formatting options to be able to deliver you within the defined deadlines.

We at assure to format your document to perfection by checking from all essential aspects and angles. Once the format check and correction is done, the document is proofread to make sure that no language or syntax error is left.
Leave no loopholes in your research by consulting our formatting team through the Contact page or email us at that you have come to the right writing service for your personal and custom needs.